Let’s Talk About God

So what if it’s been a week? I’m back, aren’t I? 😉 I’m the only one scolding my tardiness around here anyway.

I want this blog to be completely different from the personal websites I already have. My deviantArt is for art and writings, so I’m thinking I’ll be using this place as a personal springboard to explore my religious views (among other things). I’m working on a comic right now (remember that post with the angel drawing? Yeah, that comic), and that means I’ll be muddling through a whooooole lot of religious material. So, I guess as soon as something really exciting comes up, I’ll be writing about it!

I’m also part of a young adult group at my church now. I never dreamed that I’d be part of such a (mostly male) group, but I’m getting out there and getting experience (points?), so this is a good thing. I pray that God leads in our little group, and that maybe it’ll start something within our (stagnant?) church.

…so basically, I’ll be talking about God later. Sorry bout that. Bye!

hedgehog hides head cute gif

Oh oh oh wait! I forgot. I found this really cool pic. It should be somebody’s desktop.

And God said let there be light epic


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