I’m baaaaaaaack :)

And this time, for good.

Hello again, loyal readers! Yes, I can’t believe I’m back again either! Considering that my unofficial internship has looong been over (and since I’m starting a program to get my teacher’s certificate for high school English, so that “internship” will be worth nothing, zilch, nada), it didn’t seem like I’d need this blog anymore. Yet, articles on Facebook, Pinterest and otherwise have convinced me of the necessity of daily writing. I mean, what sort of self-respecting English major am I if I don’t even write regularly? Furthermore, I’m to be an English teacher; how can I emphasize the importance of writing to students if I don’t practice what I preach? So, in a nutshell, I’m back, whoop-de-doo, let’s make this blog happen.

Please check back for (nearly) daily posts! They will be random and about…things… I guarantee the things part. Honestly, I’m not a blogger. I just want to improve my writing by chronicling interesting life events and composing poem-story-things. So don’t expect gold; I’m not writing to be popular. I’m just writing for me and those close to me who I know read this regularly (hey Dad 🙂 ).

Well, I’m glad I did this.

Now, back to scarfing down my lunch in 10 seconds so I can make it back to Huntington Learning Center on time in order to shadow an English SAT prep teacher.

eat whole pizza gif



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