Begone, Drama Llama!

[I held myself to it, and I’ve succeeded! I’m actually posting when I should be. Hope I can keep this up 🙂 ]

Today, I encountered that entity of discord known as the “drama llama.” The “drama llama,” whose antics I tried to avoid on deviantArt, its favorite internet haunt, unfortunately manifested itself today in Mrs. Freeman’s classroom. Taking the form of an old argument seemingly laid to rest, it spit, as llamas do, upon as many people as possible before merrily frolicking down the hall to infect another classroom. Said llama, by the way, looked a lot like this:


Seriously, I saw two kids cry today, both for different reasons. Since this is a public blog and I have no idea who will read this, I won’t say who the children were or what was going on (since I barely know myself). Regardless, I know I should mention it since it gave me opportunity to witness how teachers handle student drama. The students involved were allowed supervised “alone” time to straighten out their differences away from the rest of the class. The class was, never the less, insanely curious and questioned anyone who returned from the dialogue. [By the by, I stayed with Freeman’s class today since Dorn was out sick, so when I refer to the class, I mean hers.] Anyway, the situation seemed to be resolved, though the instigator was still down in the mouth for a while. She seemed better than before, but I think I’m right in believing that there’s something deeper that needs to be addressed here. That’s the problem with being the teacher: you can only go so far when it comes to helping students. You want to fix the problem, but you don’t want to pry and violate the student’s privacy. I know I’ll gain more experience as time goes by, so today I’m glad that I at least was shown one excellent way of reaching a solution.

 Aside from the tears, today was easy (for me, at least). I practiced multiplication using flashcards with the students again, though every time, I’ve honed the session to make it more effective. I’ve lately pruned the deck so I only have the hardest problems before me, and today, I set the timer for three minutes. Some kids take forever while others are Speedy Gonzalez, so it’s only fair that everybody gets equal time for equal pay, i.e. an organic lollipop or a single M&M. It gives me such a thrill to execute my own teaching ideas and see them pay off! 

We also read as a group today, third grade and I. We started reading Frindle, which I’ve seen advertised for years but have never read. So far, it’s a witty read with well-rounded characters acting out in clever, albeit realistic, ways. The children stumbled over “dictionary” and “Deaner,” but I think they’re enjoying the read, for the most part. It surprised me to hear them having so much trouble, but this just goes to show how ignorant I’ve been. I have so much more patience and more realistic expectations of what children can do now that I’m at Shoal Creek. I hope this helps me grow in understanding others too, not just children. 

I hate to confess, but, as well as helping out, during the slower portions, I doodled in class.


Viva la doodle!

I intend on digitally coloring it soon. I’m working on a Biblical comic which focuses on doctrinal explanation and Biblical explication, and these are the two hosts/narrators of the project. It’s a big project, and it scares me. I believe that God will help me; I know He will. It’s still hard, though :/ Prayers for this project would be appreciated. Speaking of which, please pray for my friend too: She’s finishing her end of the year project (which has taken more like two years to do) on the Great Controversy, and hers truly is massive. Please pray that she finishes well and strong, because this has taken a lot out of her. 

That’s all for now; see ya’ll Thursday!


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